“When your ambition is attached
with the passion of the cause,
instead of the obsession of the
goal, it results in achievement
of Unimaginable Milestones.”

-Siddharth Shirole

It’s a Privilege for me to have born in this land of Saints and Freedom fighters. For all the while that I have lived till date, Aai Tuljabhavani has been kind enough to have given me all that I have wished for. It’s my Duty now to give back to my Nation. Politics provides the best platform to serve the Sisters and Brothers of my country. And I promise that I will do all in my capacity to solve the issues of the Common man.

India has all the resources I believe to be recognized, as a Global Superpower; all it needs is a Strong Political Will, Experienced Administrative Skills & Immense Pride of our Culture and History. I believe there is immense power in dreams and I dream of a Powerful, Progressive, Inclusive, Peaceful and yet true to its Culture, India.

I shall rest not till I make my Dream a Reality.

Jai Hind.