“We Rise by lifting others.”

“We Rise by lifting others.”

Svayambhu FOUNDATION - Isha

Hidden ~ in (self).

An evening dedicated to understanding the importance of health , fitness and nutrition in the lives of policemen. An Svayambhu foundation initiative which was conceptualised and curated by my dear friend Revati Malati, founder of House of Reva. Policemen are truly our guardians and it’s because of them that we can sleep in peace. They are one of the strongest pillars of our society. When any emergency comes across the first phone that we dial is to the local police station. But to be Honest the amount of stress in the lives of the policemen is unimaginable. Their absurd working hours in severe climatic conditions and the unforgiving Nature of their job makes things complicated. Hence their health does get affected severely.

Svayambhu salutes the Policemen. In our own way we showed our gratitude by organizing this informative and interactive event. The very inspiring and dashing Inspector Ram Rajmane spoke about how he has kept super fit Inspite being in the police for over 2 decades . It was a dream to actually hear him speak out his mind. Doctor Rajiv Chintaman Sharangpani charmed the police force with his deep wisdom of nutrition and exercise along with attitude training which is actually not rocket science.

A classy art show was displayed of inspector ram Rajmane performing exercise drills that was meant to sensitise the rest of the department to take up to fitness passionately. In the end I must say that the happiness on the faces of our protectors ‘the police ‘ made our day worthwhile. Would specially like to thank my dear friend Parvinder Singh for assisting us for this event.

One more small step by Svayambhu Foundation towards nation building ‘Isha ’