“We Rise by lifting others.”

“We Rise by lifting others.”

Svayambhu FOUNDATION -Svayambhu Shree

From strength to strength, Har Har Hanuman.

One legend about how lord Hanuman got his name is that Indra, the king of the gods, struck Hanuman's jaw during his childhood, the name derives from the Sanskrit words Han ("killed" or "destroyed") and maana (pride); the name implies "one whose pride was destroyed".

We at Svayambhu are happy to announce our next public interactive event, “Har Har Hanuman”. Taking inspiration from the humility, love and devotion of Lord Hanuman, this Hanuman Jayanti, we make a humble attempt to bring together the two pillars of strength in a society, the police and the bureaucracy: Mr Ram Rajmane (Pune Crime Inspector) and Mr Kunal Kumar (Pune municipal Commissioner), in a sharing circle with us, to share the importance of health and fitness in our society, and to share their tips on nutrition and body awareness in their busy routines.

We believe that every sportsman deserves support and applause: and only with acknowledgement and honest appreciation will he/she prosper, and inspire other youngsters to take to sports with sincerity.

Svayambhu Shree, in association with the Indian Body Builders Federation, IBBF, is going to be biggest ever body building event Pune’s ever witnessed with the participation of the country’s top 30 body builders.