“We Rise by lifting others.”


Life often makes you question, “Am I Happy?” Each one of us has his definition of happiness. To some its professional success, the love they receive or their intellectual prowess. To me it lies in succeeding & at the same time giving back to the society you live in.

Working actively as a cadre of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) at various posts assigned, allowed me to serve the society in various capacities. But I had never expanded my work through a social platform as I had yet to find a cause close to my heart.My belief is that a social foundation should always have a strong emotional attachment to its cause. This Emotional Quotient (EQ) becomes the driving force behind the work through which philanthropic milestones can be achieved.

Once while strolling one morning, in the Nehru Park, Delhi I spotted an enthusiastic group of athletes working hard at honing their skills. Their attire & belongings suggested that these boys hailed from humble backgrounds but their focus, determination & the ardent desire to succeed were etched over their faces. The connection was forged instantly & I found my cause.Soon after, I met a bunch of youngsters painting pictures on an old compound wall. Their artistic talents were evident. I was touched by their genuine passion and nobility, to use their skill for the betterment of the society. Thus I decided my social work would revolve around aspiring sportsmen, fitness enthusiasts & artists. I will extend assistance in every way I can.

The mission needed a name & for that I thank my talented friend Revati Malati.

She suggested “Svayambhu” The Self – Manifested. The name of Lord Shiva.

The foundation represents the innumerable possibilities for growth and success in field of Arts and Sports. We celebrate passion and desire to excel cherish uniqueness & innovation. The primary aim is to assist & inspire youth to rise above the hindrances & think of possibilities ahead of them. My Guru, Vijay Thombre, had these wise words of advice, “Each deed in life, no matter how small, must be done wholeheartedly with the aim of nothing less than excellence”. We crave not for numbers or adulation, but for quality and inspiration.

Your support & suggestions will help us reach out & lend a hand to those who deserve. These young people work hard with zeal & sincerity. Svayambhu showcases their astonishing aptitude to the world. We appeal to you to introduce our team to such talents in need.

We have embarked upon a journey, the future of which promises to be beautiful & rewarding. This journey belongs to the ones who are self-manifested, self inspired… driven to make a change.

The Journey of Svayambhu Begins....