“Facing every tough situation
with aplomb that life throws at
you is being gutsy.”

-Siddharth Shirole

Profile of Siddharth Shirole


04th February 1979


B.E in Mechanical Engineering


A Politician can never be Focused on Good Governance if he is not Financially Stable. Fortunate I am that I inherited a business of a hotel & a Restaurant to begin with. Parichay Hotel and Shabree Restaurant were my bread and butter when I started of my career. One day a well wisher of mine told me the only business that sustains is the one that grows ,may it be horizontally or vertically. I am fortunate that I realized the depth of that advice.

Since the year 2000 till date I did manage to expand my business by starting these successful unique ventures and all I can say firmly today is that ‘the only constant in life should be ‘Growth’.

Year 2001

Year 2004
Renovation of Hotel
Parichay and Shabree

Year 2009
Zaika Spice
Icecream is opened to
the world

Year 2010
Shabree Banquets
to make every ocassion
of yours a event

Inflation in a Clean Politician’s Life can only be countered by Expanding the Horizon’s of Entrepreneurship.


A Rising India


Writing, Traveling, Cooking, Photography, Ballroom Dancing, Music - Classical, Jazz, Sufi.


Written a book on Good Governance of NDA - BJP ‘When Lotus Blooms’

Written a book called SS Diaries to encourage Self expression and the Dying art of Journaling.

Written a book called Today Is My Favourite Day: Unleashing the Power of Optimism


Represented India for the Prestigious International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) US Government’s
most prestigious professional exchange program for International Opinion Leaders established in 1940.


Born in a farmer family I have memories of visiting my farm at Urali Kanchan and actually see my father cultivating sugarcane year after year . But then as my education progressed I got into the standard route that we normally follow to pursue success in life . Finished my mechanical engineering and then started managing my hotel for almost a decade and a half until I realised that all the verticals that I have inherited should be used well . So I went back to my farm with the intention of doing organic farming of those products that can be used as raw material for my hotel .

As I began my trips to my farm regularly with this purpose did I realise the soothing effect that I experienced by being in connect with the soil . In this rat race of pursuit for success & materialistic pleasures somewhere we had not been In harmony with ourselves is what I realised .

I am the son of the soil and son of a farmer too . By actually doing farming I realise the problems of the farmers The challenges that lie in front . Why innovation is needed , why skill development is a must .

I in my capacity will try me best to learn and also propagate new age organic farming .

This will be a step towards nation building from my end .

Yes I'm a farmer and I'm proud of it .