September 16, 2015

A spirited group of youngsters representing the Dhol Tasha Maha sangh participated in the swaccha bus stop Abhiyaan across PUNE as their duty towards the city and our nation this Sunday. Around 5000 Dhol Tasha members spread across pune took to cleaning the bus stops in a self inspired initiative along with MP Anil Shirole. Recently there have been many restrictions on these Dhol Tasha pathaks . They have been given very limited time to practice because of the noise that is generated during their practice.

But I personally believe that it’s the usp of our city which is known world wide for its Ganesh festival . And so this form of stunning art must be encouraged rather than discouraged . I really appreciate the effort of the Dhol Tasha Maha sangh in uniting the whole group of positive youngsters to contribute their time and effort for a better change towards our city .