October 21, 2015

Attended and spoke at the first anniversary of the foundation day of the NGO ‘Nirmaan’ that works for the poor and needy in the society. They decided to celebrate their anniversary with the orphans of a Sanstha called ‘Gharte’.

I really feel that such foundations like Nirmaan where hundreds of youngsters work selflessly need more and more appreciation and encouragement . A responsible and selfless society is important for the overall development of the country. There are many such who are doing their bit . All we got to do is keep connecting the dots of selfless acts and soon we will realise that we have come far in our endeavour to build a self sufficient society.

And as their tag line goes ” प्रपतिच्या सुखापेक्षा , प्रयत्ना चा आनंद खूप मोठा अस्तो ” I truly second that … Connecting the dots of Goodness