October 2, 2015

Narendra Modi , you are not alone by Any means . Along with lakhs of BJP Karyakartas there are many citizens like Rajeev Kher who through their commitment to the nation turn up on early Sunday mornings with such massive awareness rallies regarding Sanitation & Health. It’s not only his expertise in the subject but the passion seeking a movement of change is written all over his face.

Was wonderful to flag of this youthful rally along with MP Anil Shirole, creating awareness regarding sanitation and septage Managment organised by his foundation Shramik Quisqualis . Students from schools and Managment institutes joined in large numbers enthusiastically which truly was a moment of inspiration for me early Sunday morning . The flame of swachha Bharat abhiyaan that was lit by our prime minister is being carried on the young shoulders of many such patriots like Rajeev Kher.

A true salute to such fellow citizens and hope that this flame will keep burning for decades to come resulting in the Bharat of our dreams …‪#‎swachhabharat‪#‎jaihind