Visit to CDAC

August 26, 2016

I truly believe that artists and scientists are two sides of the same coin . Our perspective changes when we come across such talented scientists that our country possesses .

Had a great opportunity to meet renowned scientists when I Visited the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing ( C-DAC ) at Pune University. CDAC ACTS HEADQUARTERS, PUNE along with MP Anil Shirole & shri
Vijay Thombre
Had a detailed discussion with Director General Prof. Rajat Moona and his team on the various issues faced by the Centre.
C-DAC is doing exemplary work in the verticals of Software technology & Health Informatics , High performance grid & cloud computing , Language technology & heritage computing, Professional Electronics, Education training & Education technologies,Cyber security.

MP Anil Shirole has assured full cooperation with regards to their issues like developing the microprocessor & E-Basta initiatives .

It was also a privilege to visit the National PARAM Supercomputing Facility (NPSF) and see the PARAM YUVA II ( The first Hybrid Supercomputer in PARAM Series, considered the fastest ) .
Providing indigenous technologies for nation building – C-DAC