November 6, 2015

Had a scintillating workout with young fitness fanatics and youth BJP members at the Gandhi gym at Khadki . This Svayambhu foundation initiative is a aimed at inspiring more and more youngsters to become healthy and also improve the gym facilities across pune through the MP funds . What fun it was to actually workout and exchange energy in that one hour . I could communicate and understand various issues faced by the youngsters who workout and also manage the gym .
We through the foundation intend to increase awareness by not just travelling but also exercising in the Various Talim’s and the gyms across the city and inspire more people to exercise by also improving the facilities through public help and MP funds . I really believe that instead of paying to hospitals and pharmaceutical companies it’s better the society invests in prevention of diseases through exercise and proper nutrition . To be honest even I got many meaningful insights regarding weight training and also had the pleasure of relishing gavran boiled eggs post workout  ?.. Thanks to Mukesh gawali
Amar deshpande
Anil mehta
Tushar Gandhi
Gaurav jadhav
Dyaneshwar sagar
Vineet shinde
Tushar sonawane
Ajit Pawar.
A long but a sincere journey has begun . To a healthy society #svayambhuchronicles