Shree Ganesha!!!

September 17, 2016

And he left us with lots to contemplate for the next 12 months ..
Yes we celebrated his arrival
Yes we bonded as a community for 10 days
Yes we happily joined in his visrjan procession ..
The dhol Tasha’s , the colours , the creativity , the crowds , the atmosphere .
Pune was in a festive mood , there was happiness all around . There was a sea of optimism as far as we could see .
After giving so much all Shree wants, is for us to actually keep this festive spirit in our mind , he wants us to live as a United community as we did in those 10 days . He wants us to maintain harmony across the society .
Every year shree leaves us hoping we learn a lot from those 10 days and imbibe it in our lifestyle for the next 12 months until he comes back again . Every year he teaches us something or the other it’s for us to learn and act upon .
Shree will continue to touch generations to come in his own charming way , all we should do is learn from shree and spread his teachings deep into the society ..

Till we see him next time
Pudhchya varshi lavkar yaaa…..
Shree Ganesha